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Galway enables competitive US power marketers to expand their retail power portfolio

20 Sep 2018

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Galway Group is pleased to announce that we have been retained by a US client on the acquisition of a portfolio of retail electric customers in the U.S. and is in the process of developing a plan to aggregate a diverse group of retail power customers, and develop a wholesale power purchase and risk management strategy in order to either build a stand-alone business or potentially to sell to a large US retail company or a US regulated utilities company. Galway’s management and power generation markets expert team have experience in developing and participating in powerplant developments and power generation, distribution and retail markets. We have developed market entry and risk management strategies both as advisors and principals. For more information, please contact Bob Stibolt at

Concept Screening and Commercial Validation study for a Floating LNG break-bulk hub in Asia

14 Sep 2018


Galway Group is pleased to announce the completion of a first stage Concept Screening and Commercial Validation study, on behalf of an Asian sponsor-developer, for a floating LNG break-bulk hub in Asia. The hub envisages the deployment of floating storage and associated infrastructure, equipped for the unloading of LNG, storage, transfer and loading to ISO containers (or small-scale LNG ships), for onward delivery to nearby regional markets in Asia. The development is considered a breakthrough amongst the new wave of LNG suppliers in a fast evolving market. For more information please contact

Galway Group launches Management Trainee Program For Fresh

graduates from Singapore

With a focus on internationalization and capability development in LNG, natural gas and energy storage segment

 26 July 2018

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To address the fast-evolving energy business landscape of Asia, and as part of our commitment to build regional expertise and strengthen capabilities in ASEAN, Galway Group has launched the Management Trainee Program (MTP) for fresh graduates from Singapore, with a focus on LNG, natural gas, and energy storage segments.

The Management Trainee program aims at recruiting and training fresh graduates/analysts from Singapore to excel in their fields of expertise within the energy industry. At the start of the program, successful applicants will embark on an intensive 6-month training program at Galway Group’s head office in Houston, USA, where the management trainees will work under the mentorship of the leading energy segment thought leaders, who will provide inspirational guidance and supportive coaching. Trainees will have the opportunity to learn the basics of the energy industry, acquire knowledge of the energy market landscape (infrastructure and commodity) and hone their analytical skills, by being actively involved in real world energy projects and transactions, gaining hands-on experience. At the end of the 6 months internationalization program, the management trainees will return to their home office in Singapore where they will take on primary roles in fronting regional projects in Asia and supporting international projects from Singapore.

Galway Group’s COO, Dr. Muthu Chezhian, states “Our intention is to attract, nurture and mentor the best and brightest talents from Singapore, with a can-do attitude, who are eager to be at the fore-front of the future energy solutions, with the motivation to lead the change in the energy industry.”


For more information on this job listing, please visit

Galway nominated to perform two new Due Diligence projects on N.American liquefaction

 16 July 2018

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2018 has proven to be a strong year for North American liquefaction and Galway will help continue this trend by providing due diligence services on two new US LNG projects. Galway has unparalleled experience evaluating and advising on North American liquefaction capabilities. Since 2012 we have provided due diligence for three projects located in North America. Some of the tasks Galway had previously performed as part of these assignments include technical evaluations, liquefaction technology evaluation, upstream gas availability assessment, feed gas sourcing, pipeline capacity and availability assessment, regulatory readiness and commercial assessment (including business structure, corporate structure, project structure, business model and project economics), constructability analyses, operability evaluations and overall risk analysis.


For further information on our due diligence capabilities please contact Sudhanshu Haldar at

Galway begins work on West African Project Management

 04 July 2018

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Galway is excited to announce the commencement of work on a West African LNG. Galway will be providing coordination and monitoring of processes associated with the LNG project along with Project Feasibility confirmation. Project Feasibility confirmation will include a high-level review of project documentation to validate the technology chosen, proposed implementation timeline, review construction and operational contractors, and assess the financial robustness of the project.


Due to extensive Project Management experience, Galway provides unmatched support across the lifespan of projects.


For further information on our due diligence capabilities in Europe and Africa, please contact Megan Miller at

Galway completes analysis of proposed regulation for Natural Gas Market in Central America

 26 June 2018

Market Analysis

Galway recently completed the review and analysis of proposed regulations for the natural gas market for a country in Central America. During the review, Galway identified the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed policies in regard to open and non-discriminatory access to LNG infrastructure, gas access and transportation, as well as provided a private sector perspective regarding pricing.


Due to the extensive regulatory and policy experience Galway possesses, we were able to provide recommendations and constructive feedback in regard to the regulations.


For further information on our regulatory review capabilities and Latin American experience please contact Raquel Santos at

Galway continues market development within the Caribbean market

11 June 2018

Building Under Construction

Galway has been working to assess the viability of an LNG Caribbean market. Galway evaluates viable buyer options by providing initial client analysis and participating in early stage discussions. We will also facilitate seller and buyer movements towards alignment and participation in commercial HOA negotiations.


Due to the changing energy market and demands for cleaner energy, Galway has seen an increased demand for LNG introduction into energy mixes along with renewable energy within the Caribbean market. Galway will soon launch a Joint Industry Project (JIP) for a consolidated LNG hub in the Caribbean with more than eight stakeholders.


For more information on the JIP please contact Sarah Brown at

Galway unveils new Thailand office

30 May 2018

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Galway Group announces the opening of its Thailand office as yet another expansion move in the growing Southeast Asian energy market. The office will serve Thailand’s -- and by extension, Myanmar’s -- anticipated energy needs for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Gas-to-Power, Energy Storage, and Renewable Energy.


Within the next decade, Thailand is set on a rapid growth path for a mix of energy solutions in support of its economic expansion. Galway Group’s Thailand office will be located in the CBD district of Sukhumvit 31, Bangkok.


For further information on our Asia expertise, please contact Matthew Tan at

Galway launches new multi-client study on u.s. energy storage solutions

11 May 2018


Long term energy storage technology is a growing field of interest in our industry, which is why Galway Group is compiling a multi-client study on the US energy storage market. The study provides strategic insights into the battery supply chain, pricing, policies, key players, and emerging technologies that will make large scale energy storage an integral part of the United States’ energy market.

Hydrogen Energy

Using our vast knowledge and experience in the natural gas industry, Galway Group is producing a study on the opportunities for incorporating hydrogen into the existing energy market. We are analyzing the current technologies involved in production, transportation, and storage possibilities of hydrogen as energy as well as potential opportunities for growth within the United States.

Fuel Cells

Our team is studying the flexible applications of fuel cells and is creating a multi-client study examining the existing US market as well as future energy storage solutions using fuel cells. Our research includes an overview of energy storage technology and key industry stakeholders, as well as a case study of the use of fuel cells in the Texas energy infrastructure.

Please contact for more information.

Galway launches new multi-client study on the electric vehicle market

04 May 2018

Due to the increasing demand and shifting technologies and regulations within the electric vehicle market, Galway Group is happy to announce a multi-client study on Electric Vehicles!


The study will provide an overview on the market, policies, regulations and technologies within the United States, China, India, and the European Union, touching upon the following topics:

  • Demand Forecast;

  • Emissions Regulations;

  • Regional Regulatory Frameworks;

  • Tax Incentives for both Producers and Consumers;

  • Monitoring & Compliance;

  • Policies for Charging Station Usage;

  • Technology efficiency;

  • Production capabilities;

  • Safety;

  • Driving range capabilities;

  • Potential competition of alternative fuels to electric vehicles including natural gas fueled vehicles.

Please contact for more information.

Galway launches full suite of LNG training programs

01 Feb 2018

Galway Group is proud to present all new LNG training courses!


With a curriculum developed by a team of more than 20 leading International Gas and LNG experts, the Galway Group Course Catalog covers the entire LNG value chain spectrum including: LNG 101 Basics, LNG & NG Infrastructure Planning and Development, LNG Ship-to-Ship Operations, Small Scale LNG Shipping and Logistics, LNG Plant Safety, LNG Bunkering, Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts, to name a few.


Galway Group is also working in conjunction with the energy and gas infrastructure company Reganosa, a LNG terminal and gas pipeline owner and operator based in Spain and in Malta to provide LNG Terminal onsite training with hands-on learning opportunities.


The instructor-based classroom courses will be delivered at LNG Center of Excellence locations in Houston, Singapore, and London, and some of the more specialized courses are planned in Japan, Indonesia, Caribbean, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Mexico and UAE. The hands-on advanced training courses will be delivered in Mugardos, Spain and/or in Malta and will include both classroom sessions and LNG import terminal facility site visits.


Contact for more information regarding courses offered, pricing, and dates.

Galway Group moves into new Singapore office

18 Dec 2017

After months of preparations and planning, Galway Group Singapore has finally moved into a bigger, wider, and airier office space in Suntec City Tower 3. This move comes in time for the expansion of the Galway team with the increase in service offerings and projects.


The launch of the new office is set for the 20th of December and we look forward to unveiling our new flat office that encourages communication and cross departmental interactions.


Watch out for pictures!

New service launch: Galway provides best in class solutions and services for Waste to Energy

06 Dec 2017

Galway has expanded its service line to include best in class solutions and services for Waste to Energy projects. With our team of in-house experts who have had hands-on experience in Waste-to-Energy projects globally, you can place your trust and confidence in us.


For more information, email us at, or fill in a 'Contact Us' form and we will get back to you shortly.