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GALWAY GROUP is a leading global energy advisory firm. Founded in 1995 by former energy industry senior executives, Galway is a full-service energy advisory firm with offices in Houston, London, and Singapore, and associates all around the world. The Galway team has collective experience in virtually every aspect of the energy industry including strategic assessments, project development and execution, commercial negotiations, financing, capital raises, energy marketing & trading, and risk management.




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LNG is one of the fastest growing energy sources globally. The LNG industry is undergoing a tectonic shift from both commercial and technical perspectives. Some of the key factors that will shape the outlook of LNG markets include: the impact of North American LNG on global markets, the growing demand for floating regasification (FSRU) and LNG storage (FSU), as well as the proliferation of floating liquefaction technologies (FLNG). Key LNG industry players are expanding their industry reach, while, increasingly, new companies are looking to enter the LNG market and benefit from the opportunities provided by conventional and shale gas resources.

Galway’s LNG consultants are market leaders with strong international LNG experience covering the full spectrum of the LNG value chain: from liquefaction to LNG regasification. Our unparalleled experience and in-depth understanding of the global LNG business is based on over two decades of LNG project work across all regions and stages of project development. In their former senior executive roles with major energy companies, Galway consultants have built and managed LNG projects since the 1970s.

Since the company’s inception, Galway has assisted clients through various stages of LNG project development: from the initial stage of project conceptualization, through commissioning and project optimization. Decades of exposure to all stages of LNG project development have provided Galway consultants with a robust understanding and insight into how decisions are made, and how decisions made early in the project life-cycle can impact the ultimate viability of the LNG project. Leveraging its LNG project experience, Galway is able to provide informed and strategic advice to assist clients in their project development efforts, to optimize project costs and project development timelines.

Galway’s LNG consulting services include assistance with:

  • LNG Import/Export Project Development

  • Pre-feasibility Study for LNG Import/Export Projects

  • LNG Project Financial Due Diligence

  • Project Structuring and Commercial Negotiations

  • LNG Market Fundamentals

  • LNG Commercial Operations Support

  • LNG Market Entry Strategy

  • Tender and Bid Process Management


Galway tracks and analyzes gas market developments with a geographical focus on the North American, Latin American and Asian regions. Core areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, fuel switching options, gas market structures and pricing mechanisms.

Our Gas Markets offerings are classified under:

  • Market Fundamentals

  • Market Due Diligence

  • Gas Monetization

  • Gas Market Regulation

  • Expert Witness/ Litigation Support

  • Portfolio Analysis and Strategy


Players in the upstream sector face unique investment and project development challenges. High capital investment requirements, uncertain regulatory climates, changing commercial dynamics are but a few of the factors that upstream companies have to consider. Galway’s approach to upstream consulting is built on strong partnerships with upstream players in North America, including companies engaged in conventional, as well as shale developments. Galway’s success is based on assisting clients through the decision-making process to develop and implement clear business strategies that capitalize on the new opportunities available in the North American upstream.

Galway’s Upstream E&P consulting services span the full spectrum of Oil & Gas exploration and production, including:

  • Upstream Field Assessment

  • Field Development Planning

  • Asset Operation and Optimization

  • Farm-in and Farm-out Support

  • Project Management

  • Market Entry Strategy

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Markets and Opportunities

  • CO2 Markets


Galway provides comprehensive support for the development of projects across the power sector, including (1) Power Generation, (2) Transmission, (3) Distribution, (4) Trading and (5) Power Sector Regulation. Galway’s expertise extends to detailed techno-commercial feasibility analyses, project development and model-based analysis. Power projects leverage the experience of former senior executives and technical experts in this field.

Our Power offerings include:

  • Financial Advisory

  • Market Due Diligence

  • Market Regulation

  • Market Fundamentals

  • Expert Witness

  • Tender and Bid Process Management

  • Portfolio Analysis and Strategy

Petrochemicals & NGLs

Petrochemicals are a diverse group of chemical products used as building blocks for a spectrum of consumer products including adhesives, fabrics, fertilizers and plastics. Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) are naturally-occurring compounds found in natural gas.

Galway’s Petrochemicals & NGLs advisory services extend to:

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Financial Advisory

  • Market Due Diligence

  • Market Regulation

  • Market Fundamentals

  • Expert Witness

  • Tender and Bid Process Management

  • Portfolio Analysis and Strategy


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